Fruitvale ISD school board and employees are extremely excited about what the 2017-2018 school year holds for our students, families and community.  Overcoming the obstacles we faced during the April 29 tornado that hit our community has brought us closer together as a school and community. As we continue the recovery process, our district is coming out on the other side with beautiful facilities that have been repaired, and a brand new Career and Technology Education facility that will be completed in August 2017. Our school shirts share our hearts this year: “One Town, One School, One Family: Fruitvale Bobcat Pride”.

 I shared with our faculty to start the year that research shows that the number one indicator of how a child performs in school is their relationship with the teacher; the second is the schools relationship with the family. Our district has worked hard to prioritize how we treat students and families in our district, and we have seen growth in our students’ successes, our student enrollment numbers, our students completing college classes, and our community support.  The legislative session this year has really hit public education hard, but I don’t see the negative perception in our school and community, our kids are performing as high as any school in the state of Texas if not better than most. (Shout out to our state mathematics team champions!)

I can’t wait to see all of the children back at Meet the Teacher on August 17, 2017. We will have food and get to visit for a short time before school begins on August 21, 2017. From my heart, each child and family is in my prayers for the best year possible, our school board and staff is working together to complete our district mission,” Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow.” We ask the parents and community to work together as part of the team to see each and every child find success.  Thank you for entrusting your most valuable possession, your children, to our district!


Rebecca Bain
Fruitvale ISD