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Fruitvale ISD Safety and Security Plans 2023-2024

We hope to create a safe, welcoming, and creative environment that students will love each day at FISD. Our number one job is to keep them safe. Safety includes multiple things, but we want to share with families some information to help you understand safety at our school. Safety is inconvenient at times, but it is what we must do for all children. The safety and security of our students and staff is a team effort and we rely on the continued support of students, parents, and the community to keep our school district safe. Working together, we can and will provide an environment for our children and staff that we can all be proud of at Fruitvale.


The Fruitvale ISD police department officers are equipped with handguns, rifles, less lethal weapons, medical supplies, and specialized tools to assist in the event of an emergency. Security cameras are inside and outside of all schools and provide live access to front office staff and police. All of our buses have multi view cameras installed as well. Key staff, admin, and our police department are also equipped with walkie talkies to utilize on buses and the campuses. All classrooms have been equipped with phones, emergency call buttons and other supplies in the event of an emergency.


Fruitvale ISD works closely with local law enforcement agencies, emergency management for our county, and our fire departments to coordinate prevention and response activities and perform regular safety drills and audits. Fruitvale ISD is patrolled by the Fruitvale ISD police department, the constable’s office, the sheriff’s office and DPS. All law enforcement may eat free on campus and will also be provided work space as needed for meetings, report writing etc. We welcome additional support to our school.


Fruitvale ISD’s comprehensive safety and security program addresses prevention, intervention, preparedness, emergency response and building security. Fruitvale ISD will routinely review safety and security procedures and make adjustments when necessary. We are constantly exploring new and creative ways to enhance existing security measures.


Our district offers great instructional, leadership and extracurricular opportunities to our students. It is calm, quiet and peaceful on campus each day, but we also work hard to have multiple safety features and safety training for our staff and students. Fruitvale ISD has enhanced our security every year for the past seven years on every campus and we will continue to take the strongest measures to keep our students safe. Increased safety checks and measures are being added to guarantee safety for all staff and students this year as well.All safety features are not publicly shared because we do want to maintain features that are not public knowledge, keeping information about safety confidential is also important as to not alert others of our safety features here at FISD, but we will share some features to help families feel secure:


  • School Guardian Program for staff on campus, only highly trained staff may be carrying weapons- TCOLE certified employees with multiple layers of evaluation and training are allowed to carry at FISD.
  • Raptor system for visitor access
  • Security, safety training for all staff that works on campus
  • Crossing Guard for students on HWY 80
  • Full time nurses that have access to medical supplies, protective gear and equipment
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs) in multiple locations
  • Emergency first aid kits including tourniquets and Stop the Bleed Kits
  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling program focusing on the whole child, including support for students mental, social and physical needs
  • Random K9 Interdiction covering drugs and powder detection
  • Security Apps such as Stopit, Raptor, and FirstNet
  • Breaching tools at all campuses
  • Door Buzzer/Camera Security Systems
  • Multiple communication measures


    Fruitvale ISD recognizes the need to balance an open and welcoming atmosphere with the need to assure stability and continuity, to safeguard against disruption of the educational process, and to ensure the security of the schools. The principal has the authority to make decisions about all visitors to schools and classes, using the following guidelines during a regular school day:


  • All visitors must have an appointment with someone on campus in order to come into the building. Visitors who do not have an appointment may schedule one from home or upon arrival at campus where we will have school phone numbers posted prior to entering our facilities.
  • All visitors must check in to the front office with current identification, and they must have their ID scanned through our Raptor system. All visitors will receive a temporary badge that will be issued that day.
  • Visitors will not be permitted to access hallways, gymnasiums, cafeteria, classrooms or hallways without permission and must be in the presence of a school employee - unless contracted for work that is approved by the Superintendent with background checks and monitoring.
  • Visitors will not be allowed during meal times except for specialized promoted events, and will need to go through the offices and be checked prior to being on campus. No food may be dropped off during lunch times. No outside food deliveries for students.
  • Visitors must conduct themselves in a professional and school appropriate manner. Failure to act appropriately will result in the visitor being asked to leave or escorted off the premises by a school official or officer.


We are working hard to ensure we have the best trained staff, equipped to respond to emergencies on campus, and that we have the most enhanced safety features for our school district. Please let us know if you have additional questions, suggestions or concerns.




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